Terpene-Infused Dry Cannabis Flower: Amplifi by Vireo Health

Introducing Amplifi™: Vireo Health’s Innovative Cannabis Flower Brand

Today, Vireo Health International Inc., a science-based multi-state cannabis company, is proud to announce the launch of Amplifi™, a naturally-centered cannabis flower brand. Amplifi offers a range of dry cannabis flower strains packaged in 3.5-gram TerpSafeTM jars. This is the first-ever brand from Vireo to utilize the trademarked patent-pending TerpSafe packaging technology, which impressively preserves the terpene profile while enhancing the cannabis flower’s terpene content.

The initial release of Amplifi products includes the Ultimate Purple strain and is available in all licensed dispensaries in Maryland. Additionally, the brand plans to introduce the Gorilla Girl strain to the market later this year. Vireo Health targets Maryland, Arizona, and Phoenix, with distribution in both third-party dispensaries and licensed CBD shops.

Kyle Kingsley, M.D., Vireo Health’s Chief Executive Officer, sees the launch of Amplifi as a significant milestone towards the company’s targeted growth. Amplifi offers next-generation strains with high-terpene content, thanks to the superior TerpSafe packaging.

The Revolutionary TerpSafe Packaging Technology

TerpSafe is a highly innovative and pioneering patented technology featured in a peer-reviewed research paper published in the Journal of Cannabis Research. This proprietary technology represents a creative step in preserving terpenes from differently grown and stored cannabis flowers. Real-world analysis and lab tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of Vireo’s TerpSafe packing system in protecting native terpenes for extended periods.

Furthermore, researchers have successfully regulated the cannabis terpene profile using the TerpSafe technology, allowing for quick customization of terpene profiles. Eric Greenbaum, Vireo’s chief scientific officer, emphasizes that TerpSafe helps prolong the freshness and quality of cannabis flowers. It also enables the reinfusion of products with these terpenes. The technology was inspired by patients’ use of formulas and habits, ensuring that the terpenes remain unaffected when the bottle is opened and used.

With this advanced packaging technology, manufacturers and cultivators can preserve and enhance the natural terpenes in cannabis flowers. This guarantees that the terpene content in cannabis remains unaffected, providing consumers with a consistent and robust cannabis flavor profile.

About Vireo Health International, Inc.

Vireo Health International, Inc. is a cannabis company committed to delivering the finest in cannabis engineering, technology, and science. Founded and led by a highly qualified physician, the company specializes in creating proprietary branded cannabis products. All products are safely and innovatively crafted in state-of-the-art and eco-friendly greenhouses.

Vireo Health International, Inc. has established a strong network of distribution centers, third-party dispensaries, and retail locations. Their team includes experienced and skilled cultivation experts, scientists, and engineers, all working together to create premium and safe cannabis products.

The company targets five core markets: New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland, and Minnesota. With over 29 retail dispensary licenses, 16 of which are fully operational, Vireo Health International, Inc. is well-positioned for continued success in the cannabis industry.

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