Nalu Bio Develops Exclusive Platform for Producing Premium CBD with Unmatched Purity

Nalu Bio Revolutionizes CBD Synthesis with Organic Approach

Nalu Bio, Inc. has recently made an exciting announcement regarding the success of its organic CBD synthesis using the company’s patented technology platform. This breakthrough in organic synthesis has been made possible through a seed financing closure and the recruitment of top-notch consumer-packaged goods and life-science specialists. Nalu Bio is dedicated to the economical creation of CBD products that mimic the historical aspirin.

Co-founded by Randall Ussery, Caitlyn Krebs, and Phyllis Whiteley, Nalu Bio has achieved significant milestones over the past year. The company has developed a trademarked organic synthesis platform that allows for the lab-based creation of cannabinoids on a large scale. Unlike traditional methods, Nalu Bio’s platform does not rely on plant-sourced materials, which eliminates high-capital investment costs, biological variability, and unnecessary contaminants. This advanced technology enables Nalu Bio to deliver cost-effective, consistent, and scalable CBD in every production.

This groundbreaking innovation will enable Nalu Bio to launch a consistent production of CBD infused with essential cognitive wellness ingredients. Furthermore, it will provide the company with access to clinical data and studies that will help uncover the therapeutic benefits of CBD and related compounds.

The seed financing for Nalu Bio was overseen by L37 Ventures, with support from Bonaventure Equity, Golden Seeds, and XFactor Ventures. The funds raised will be dedicated to expanding the organic synthesis platform, improving the stability and quality of CBD output, validating product purity, and scaling the platform.

Caitlyn Krebs, CEO of Nalu Bio, expressed her satisfaction with the company’s progress and praised the team for their commitment to delivering high-quality CBD-infused ingredients trusted by patients and consumers. While acknowledging that they have yet to meet the standards of the current market, Krebs is confident that they are on the right path to scaling their operations and capitalizing on the market’s potential.

Joining the Nalu Bio team is Mathew Roberts, Ph.D., a former employee of Health & Happiness Group, who brings over 25 years of experience as a Chief Scientific and CTO officer. Roberts is optimistic about Nalu Bio’s unique approach to cannabinoids and believes that the team has the potential to deliver superior cognitive wellness and cannabinoid ingredients to the targeted market. With his extensive experience in developing globally-accepted consumer packaged goods, Roberts will contribute to the perfection of Nalu Bio’s patented platform.

Another valuable addition to the team is Alex Dorenbaum, MD, who has over 25 years of experience as a drug development specialist and practicing physician. Dorenbaum has worked at renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Genentech, Lumena Pharmaceuticals, and BioMarin Pharmaceutical & Chiron, among others. As Chief Medical Officer, Dorenbaum is driven by his passion for CBD and its therapeutic benefits. He aims to develop a high-grade CBD product that is pure, medical-grade, and safe for consumers, without the unwanted side effects associated with cannabinoids.

Nalu Bio’s mission is to lead the CBD industry with innovation by harnessing the power of nature to create the finest CBD products. Through their patented organic synthesis platform, the company aims to eliminate the high capital investment costs and inefficiencies associated with traditional hemp extraction and biosynthesis methods. The team at Nalu Bio believes that their platform will set a new standard for quality and purity by eliminating contamination from THC, pesticides, and heavy metals. Additionally, the platform is flexible and adaptable to the ever-expanding pharmaceutical and retail markets.

L37 Ventures, the company behind the seed financing for Nalu Bio, is a first-generation hybrid venture capital and private equity company. Their mission is to invest in companies and founders that can solve global problems and transform industries. With their expertise in scaling, founding teams, and networks, L37 Ventures aims to create market-leading companies that have a global impact.

In conclusion, Nalu Bio’s success in organic CBD synthesis marks a significant milestone in the CBD industry. With their innovative approach and commitment to quality, the company is poised to revolutionize the production of CBD products. Through their organic synthesis platform and the support of top-notch specialists and investors, Nalu Bio is well-positioned to lead the way in delivering safe, effective, and consistent CBD-infused products for cognitive wellness and aiding in opioid addiction recovery.

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