Introducing the CBD-infused Okoa Pet Hush-Puppy Calming Soft Chews for Dogs

A Young Labrador Finds Calm with Okoa Pet Hush-Puppy Calming CBD Soft Chews

A young yellow Labrador named Duck would always go out of control every time males visited its home. As the situation got worse, Lindsey, his pet owner, had to keep him in their Colorado home basement until family and friends were gone. She then discovered Okoa Pet Hush-Puppy Calming CBD soft chews; the puppy treats are an effective stress-relieving, peanut butter-flavored chewable, making Duck happier and calmer even when family and friends visited.

Understanding the Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Like humans, dogs have brain and body receptors that react positively to hemp-derived CBD to reduce nervousness. Dogs are emotionally attached to their pet parents, which often triggers anxiety once they encounter strangers.

According to Dr. Robert Silver, a renowned Okoa Pet veterinary science officer, CBD boosts serotonin’s functioning. The neurotransmitter is responsible for the calming effect that helps dogs manage loud noises, new events, and travel. Dr. Silver, the mind behind the CBD chews formulation, says Broad-spectrum hemp extracts deliver superior health benefits with the combined effect of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant to ease dog anxiousness safely.

Types of CBD Extracts for Dogs

  • CBD isolate contains 99.7% pure CBD extract, and it’s confirmed to be cheaper than hemp extracts containing the whole cannabis plant. However, since you have to use higher amounts to get quality results, the price may be higher.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD extracts are sourced from the entire plant. The full-spectrum option is made up of little THC amount, which means you won’t experience feelings of being high.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD packs a full hemp plant and doesn’t contain THC. It’s strongly recommended for dogs because of their effectiveness and safety.

Choosing the Right CBD Dog Chew

When you’re searching for a CBD dog chew, you should determine if the ingredients in the products support calmness. The Okoa Pet chews sell for $24.99 and include 3 mg of CBD in every one of them. The soft chews are packed with turkey amino acids, choline, and tryptophan supporting the healthy nervous system and brain function, formulated to cope with thunderstorms, stress, fireworks, travel, separation anxiety, and changes in daily routines.

The Okoa Pet chews are made in the US, THC-free, and made from organic and lab tested for purity.

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