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Celebrating Years of Success: Pet Releaf Introduces New Ingredients to Enhance Pet Health

Celebrating years of solid reputation as a leading CBD pet brand, Pet Releaf has added more ingredients to its Edibites, including marshmallow root, chamomile, noni, baobab, ginger, chondroitin, and glucosamine, formulated specially to enhance pets’ health.

Stephen Smith, Pet Releaf’s president and co-founder, says the company focuses on supplying effective and safe products to enhance pet health and help pet owners raise happy pets. By adding these safe and well-researched ingredients, the company aims to optimize pets’ immunity and relaxation, while ensuring pets can be free from common discomforts and pains.

Edibites are currently available for sale online and in selected retail stores globally with the newly added fully functional and fresh ingredients. The new product line includes:

  • CBD Digestive Health Edibites – $20.99

    Containing marshmallow root and ginger, these Edibites are designed to enhance pets’ digestive tract health. Each bag contains 60mg of CBD, or 2mg of active CBD per chew. These delicious sweet potato pie flavored treats are a great addition to your pet’s diet.

  • CBD Calming Edibites – $20.99

    These Edibites are ideal for keeping pets calm during stressful situations such as fireworks, travel, and thunderstorms. They contain essential ingredients such as chamomile and baobab. Each bag contains 60mg of CBD, or 2mg of active CBD per chew. Available in carob and butter flavors.

  • CBD Joint and Hip Edibites – $17.99

    Enhance your pet’s joint and hip health with these banana and peanut butter flavored Edibites. Made with noni, glucosamine, and chondroitin, each bag contains 45mg of CBD, or 1.5mg of active CBD per chew.

  • CBD Immunity-Boosting Edibites – $17.99

    Boost your pet’s immune system with these pie and sweet potato flavored Edibites. Made with cranberry and blueberry ingredients, each bag contains 45mg of CBD, or 1.5mg of active CBD per chew.

More About Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is internationally held in high esteem as the leader in CBD pet products, with its specialty being creating premium hemp products for mammals, including dogs and cats. The products by Pet Releaf incorporate USDA certified hemp free of pesticides. The hemp is naturally grown at the company’s joint-venture hemp farms found in Colorado. Since the company sources its hemp from organic hemp plants and combines it with other sustainably grown organic ingredients, it has stood out in creating products that are loved by pet parents. The CBD pet products by Pet Releaf are available in over 7000 retail stores throughout the world.

To learn more about the new Pet Releaf pet chews, consumers can visit the official website at

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