Enhanced Botanicals Introduces CBD Tinctures under PURAURA Naturals Brand

Enhanced Botanicals Introduces PURAURA Naturals: A New Line of CBD-Infused Products

Enhanced Botanicals, a Green Rock Hemp Holdings’ consumer brand division, has announced plans to introduce the first-ever in-house brand named PURAURA Naturals. PURAURA Naturals provides all-natural CBD-infused products targeting Chinese and United States Markets. The CBD is sourced from the company’s family-owned farm based in Green River, Utah.

Creating High-Quality and Safe CBD Products

PURAURA Naturals blends use the most advanced technologies and natural ingredients to create high-quality and safe products such as capsules, tinctures, topicals, and gummies. Edward Roche, the vice president and co-founder of Green Rock, says that together with their team, they have been working diligently to create a brand dedicated to creating pure hemp products to suit active individuals’ needs for the best all-natural wellness and health products.

Several studies have confirmed that practically half of CBD products on sale today don’t contain the actual amount of CBD advertised. With enhanced botanicals, you’re getting precisely the amount of CBD advertised, and the quality of the products is guaranteed. The PURAURA Naturals are 3rd party lab-tested, and test results can be viewed at puraura-naturals.com/certificates-analysis/, on the official website.

A Milestone for Green Rock Hemp Holdings

The Chief Executive of Green Rock Hemp Holdings, Joseph Cachey says the launch of PURAURA Naturals is a great milestone that will see the company products sell to a larger audience. Green Rock family of companies works towards offering high quality and reliable products to consumer goods producers, end customers, and farmers. It’s the company’s objective to launch several other high-end brands this year.

About Enhanced Botanicals and Green Rock Hemp Holdings

In explanatory terms, Enhanced Botanicals is a Green Rock Hemp Holdings consumer division. Greek Rock Hemp Holdings is a renowned vertically integrated provider of industrial hemp solutions. Enhanced Botanicals creates top-tier branded CBD-infused health and beauty products and offers high-end distribution channels.

Contact Information

To learn more about Enhanced Botanicals, Green Rock Hemp Holdings, and PURAURA Naturals, visit greenrockhempholdings.com and puraura-naturals.com; or call (435) 673-4125.

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