CV Sciences Expands Product Line to Include PlusCBD™ Hemp CBD Pet Products for Feline and Canine Companions

CV Sciences, Inc., a pioneer in hemp-derived Cannabidiol products, is known for its all-inclusive CBD-related clinical trials and research and the badge of achievement as the first-ever CBD company to attain the hemp-derived CBD GRAS safety status. In response to the overwhelming clients’ needs, CV Sciences is set to release PlusCBD Pet, a full-line of hemp-derived products ideal for cats and dogs.

PlusCBD Pet is uniquely formulated using the same technology and hemp extracts CV Sciences utilizes in creating its currently top-selling CBD products. PlusCBD Pet comes in 500mg and 250mg formats characterized by unique pet-friendly flavors such as salmon, unflavored, beef, peanut butter, and chicken. Set to be released soon, PlusCBD Pet will be offered in the company’s online and offline retail channels and its pet specialty drug, food, and mass retail channel.

As per the Brightfield Group, the $321 million sales the company attained in 2019 was ten times more than the previous year’s sales. The Brightfield Group predicts that the sales will grow to 563 million before the end of 2020. This growth is triggered by the increased demand among pet owners for safer and natural alternatives to standard pet treatment solutions for treating common pet ailments, pain, and anxiety. Further predictions suggest that the U.S pet market will grow to 1.7 billion by December 2025.

In a press release, CV Sciences’ Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Dowling says that PlusCBD Pet enables them to enhance their brand equity and get their retail distribution channels to have a share of the growing CBD market. CV Sciences believes that their entry into the pet CBD category will be a success considering the increased campaign to educate pet owners on the benefits of giving cats and dogs CBD-infused products. The company intends to expand its sale of PlusCBD products outside its workers’ circle to ensure pet owners can treat their pets with safe and effective CBD products.

About CV Sciences, Inc

CV Sciences is obtained from the word Curriculum Vitae and science. Curriculum Vitae stands for the course of life, while science stands for the pursuit of truth. CV Sciences’ core plan is to boost the quality of life using the combination of science and nature.

The company runs two wellness business types. The first business segment involves creating, marketing, and selling plant-sourced dietary CBD products and supplements. The second segment deals with the creation and commercialization of CBD-infused innovative wellness therapeutics.

CV Sciences is one of the bestselling hemp-derived CBD brands in the United States. The PlusCBD products by CV Sciences are available in over 6200 retail stores in the United States alone. Its products are processed and tested in high-grade facilities to ensure they comply with the industry requirements and guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices.

PlusCBD products have been clinically tested and proven. The products have received the self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status. CV Sciences’ primary offices and facilities are located in San Diego, California.

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