Boosting Immunity with Limonene-Derived CBD and Mushrooms

CBxShield: A Limonene-Derived CBD Supplement with Immune-Boosting Properties

In the midst of a global pandemic, people are searching for ways to enhance their immune system and protect themselves against diseases like COVID-19, the flu, and even allergies. While medications can provide some relief, many individuals are turning to the supplement industry in hopes of finding immunity-boosting remedies that truly make a difference. CBxShield, a new proprietary CBD (CBx) supplement created by Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters, offers a fresh and innovative approach to CBD product formulas by providing a THC-free hemp and cannabis-free alternative.

So, what exactly is CBxShield? This unique supplement combines the power of CBD with the beneficial properties of reishi mushrooms to support the health of the immune system and defend the body against diseases. CBD, a compound derived from cannabis, has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its numerous health benefits. However, CBxShield takes a different route by primarily focusing on limonene-based sources of CBD. The main difference is that this formula is entirely legal, as it is derived from the peelings of citrus fruits. Researchers have successfully developed 100% genuine CBD molecules from terpenes like limonene, making it a legal and effective alternative to cannabis-based CBD products.

Reishi mushrooms, known for their ability to reduce inflammation and boost metabolism, are another key ingredient in CBxShield. These mushrooms have long been used in supplements for their positive impact on the immune system. Additionally, they promote healthy blood pressure levels and help control cholesterol. CBxShield formulas are carefully crafted in GMP-approved laboratories and undergo third-party independent lab testing for every batch of products. The company assures consumers that lab reports are readily available for viewing.

The combination of CBD and reishi mushrooms in CBxShield offers a multitude of benefits for overall health. While each ingredient has its own individual advantages, their integration in this supplement aims to promote a stronger immune system.

As for purchasing CBxShield, consumers can now pre-order the supplement, which is set to launch on December 11th. The total cost of the product is $54.99. Initially available in the United States, CBxShield will soon be launched in other countries such as Japan, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

In summary, CBxShield provides users with a legal and effective way to improve their health using two familiar ingredients – CBD and reishi mushrooms. While the formula is relatively simple, the official website lacks detailed information about availability. Interested consumers can reach out to for further inquiries.

In a time where health is of utmost importance, CBxShield offers a promising solution to support the immune system and defend the body against diseases. With its innovative blend of limonene-derived CBD and reishi mushrooms, this supplement has the potential to make a significant impact on overall well-being.

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